Get an Insurance policy with us and we will give you up to $550 to get a will sorted...

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Here at The Money Men we have the job of helping people plan for the “what if’s” in life… It can be a tough conversation, but it’s extremely important. It’s 2023, New Year, New Me and all that jazz… Let’s drop the “she’ll be right” attitude and stop kicking the can down the road or putting this stuff in the too-hard basket.

We help hundreds of clients with their insurance and all too often they don’t have an up-to-date will or don’t even have a will at all. If we are going to create a plan and pay money to protect what’s important when s*#t hits the fan, it’s essential to have your estate planning sorted too.

One of our core values is to help empower people to make good financial decisions, so between now and the end of April we are offering all new insurance clients up to $550 to get a will sorted. There are, of course, some T’s and C’s which you can check out below, we get no kickbacks and are simply funding this from the income earnt by writing an insurance policy for you.

There’s no better time then now 😉

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Terms and Conditions

  • The Money Men will cover actual costs, up to a maximum of $550 towards professional estate planning advice, this includes the establishment of wills or trusts. General legal advice is excluded.
  • This offer is only available upon the completion of a new insurance policy valued at $100 per month or above.
  • If the insurance policy is cancelled within 12 months, the $550 is to be repaid to The Money Men in full.
  • The Money Men will require confirmation of legal advice and costs before making any payment, this may be an invoice or receipt for the estate planning advice/work.