We have helped hundreds of clients gain clarity on their financial position by utilising our special financial software to visualise their finances. Step-by-step we walk through your financial situation and goals, to see what is achievable on your current path and strategise what changes have to be made to get on the right path.

Having that confidence that you are on the right path to achieving your goals, pays dividends over time by keeping you motivated to stick to the plan, benefitting you financially and mentally!

The Money Men | Package Overview

Let us take you on a journey of your life and strategise what lies ahead.

Invest Right

Understanding investment fundamentals
$ 495
  • Meet one-on-one with a qualified investment adviser
  • Help you to understand what your risk profile is to connect you with the right strategy.
  • An educational session to grow your understanding of the investment space.
  • Learn about different investment products, strategies & risks.
  • Utilise this knowledge to help you get ahead.
  • Assistance to get you started.

Wealth Map

Financial modelling + strategy
$ 749
  • Meet one-on-one with a qualified investment adviser.
  • Review your current financial position and project that into the future for you.
  • Understand what your short-medium and long-term goals are.
  • Develop strategies to achieve these goals.
  • Access to our bespoke financial software.
  • Discounted access to money management software (auto links to bank statements and uses AI to help you).
  • KiwiSaver / Mortgage / Insurance / Money Management

Wealth Map Ultimate

Financial modelling + strategy
$ 1,199*
  • Includes all of the Wealth Map package plus:
  • Catering for deeper financial analysis on property portfolios.
  • Analysis on the viability on investing in an investment property.
  • Understand the different investment options open to you & how they can be suited.