We all work hard for the important things we have in our lives, and we like to think nothing will ever happen to us. But, in reality, the unexpected can happen.  

With all of your hard work, it’s our job to make sure that doesn’t leave you and your family on the back foot, financially.

What most people find hard is getting the balance right. Our approach is to help you understand your risk, so that you are protected effectively and always know what you’re paying for.

We have a simple, plain English approach to Insurance.

Rather than give you 250 page documents written in size 10 Times New Roman, we actually show you how to manage insurance and what is best for you. 

We figure out what’s important to you, then figure out how much risk you want to hold onto yourself and then go and find you the best possible insurance provider to meet your needs and budget.

The devil is in the detail when it comes to insurance and the “what you dont know wont hurt you” mentality doesnt apply here. We know what we are doing, we stay up-to-date with the best policies and we give you all the info you need to make your own decisions.

We also don’t just set you up with one insurance policy and say “Ka Kite” – because that’s not our mantra. We keep in touch with you on an ongoing basis to ensure our advice is always up to date and relevant, so you’re not left with your head in the hand, and because as life goes on, your insurance needs will change.

We’re here to help you look after number 1 (you), so you can spend time with number 2 (your family) & have spare time for number 3 (all the material things).

Why Us?

There is an abundance of companies out there offering financial services – so you’re probably wondering why you should choose to come to us?

Looked After By The Best

Our team are experts. Combine that with top technology, and continuous training, and you have a winning combo.

We get access to competitive interest rates and tailor our approach for each client so you end up with a plan that is right for you, not just any Joe Bloggs.

We're Here For The Long Run

At The Money Men, we’re here for the long run, not just when you want to loan more. We give free advice and constantly educate our clients on how to be better with money.

You will have an ongoing relationship with us – not just until you sign the dotted line.

We're Genuine

Unlike many other large finance firms out there we’re just everyday, genuine people, like you, and we want to help other Kiwi’s gain financial freedom. 

There’s no hidden agendas and we don’t hide any information. It is a transparent journey and you can trust us.

common questions

It’s a simple process:

  1. We catch up on the phone or in person and see what you would specifically like help with
  2. We have a bigger discussion around what you are trying to achieve financially
  3. We understand where you are at now, review what you already have in place and then give you advice on ways you could do things better.
  4. Once you are happy, anything you want to push on with we will help you put in place
  5. Then its about monitoring, reviewing and refining to keep everything on point and you motivated towards achieving your financial goals

We can do everything online via our secure portal, do online meetings or happy to get out of the office and catch up.

We will talk to you about your financial situation and how you can improve it for as long as you like because its what we do.

Typically our initial conversation is 10 -15 minutes and then its about gathering the info for you and putting together a recommendation.

Next session is 30 -60 minutes where we run you through your options (zoom or in person).

Next we catch up and get the applications out the way, we actually try avoid paper work where we can and use faster and easier online applications (like our client portal which works for insurance, mortgage and kiwisaver so you don’t have to repeat yourself (zoom or in person).

The next catch up is typically just to confirm the outcome of your applications and that everything is in place which could be anything from an email to a 30 minute conversation depending on what it is.

We are here to help you when you need it so our team is always only a phone or email away.

Typically we like to have an annual catch up to make sure things are on track and you are happy.  Life is busy though and for those people that want minimum contact the least you will get from us is an email that takes 2 minutes where you tick through options which includes if you want contact or not and lets us know if you have had any significate lifestyle changes (so 2 minutes a year if that’s what you want).

Typically we speak to our clients a couple of times a year due to the numbers of things we are managing for them.

Absolutely. We are governed by the privacy act and absolutely respect the fact that we are dealing with our clients very private and confidential info around health and money.

You can jump straight into an online application portal (click log in at the top of the page) and tell us how we can help.

Call 0800 888 482 or flick us an email at and one of our team of advisers will be in touch.

Typically for the majority of the advice we give you will be free and disclosed upfront with your adviser before anything is done.

We are actually governed by the Financial Markets Authority and any fees will be disclosed upfront. For most of our services they are free as we are paid by banks, insurance companies and kiwisaver providers which gives us the ability to be independent.

We may charge a fee for additional services like advanced help with Money Management but again this will be discussed upfront with you prior to any advice commencing.

We are passionate about helping kiwis be better with money which is why its our core purpose.

Not everyone is the same and has the same ambitions so we help people create the wealth they are looking for.

We are passionate about all things financial and practice what we preach.

We are lucky we get to see soo many peoples financial situations and habits good and bad so over the years we have refined what works and what doesn’t.

We are experts in what we do We have a strategic network of trusted professionals ready to help you at every term if there is anything we can already sort for you.

We are client centric and service driven.

Most importantly you need to choose a financial adviser that you can relate to, is qualified to do what they do, practice what they preach and maybe a company with lots of happy customers and a nationwide radio show!

Typically 2-4 sessions.

We are located in Orewa, north of Auckland.

We like to get out though so often travel around the greater Auckland area.

Since Covid we moved everything online though and with the nationwide radio show we are used to dealing with people all over the country!

So if you’re not located in Auckland, we can always catch up over Zoom!