Money Management

We are on a mission to help kiwis be better with money.

No matter where you are on your journey, our simple and effective tool will help. Grab our FREE Money Management tool to get started.​

Our Blueprint

We have worked with thousands of clients and seen all types of financial plans – using a wide variety of spreadsheets, apps, and frameworks. We have done the hard yards, combining everything into a simple and effective tool, a blueprint for your money. The blueprint is totally free.

Get better with money

As Financial Advisers, we help our customers achieve their financial goals by gaining a deeper understanding of your financial position. If you want to get better with money, this is where you start.

Financial Goals

Understanding your surplus is key, this is what can be used to plan towards financial goals such as saving, investing more effectively, buying a property, and even reducing the burden of debt.

We are here to solve the problems that are in front of you. How do we help?

Our kick-ass support package

Our most requested service, for a reason. At $295, our support package packs a punch. It includes one-on-one time with a Financial Adviser who will guide you, step-by-step, to complete your financial blueprint. We also use this opportunity to understand your unique personal situation and what you are wanting to achieve, financially, so that we can help build a pathway to get there.


Taking action can feel overwhelming and complicated. We have the expertise to break it down and make it simple. Our direct relationship with you allows us to offer tailored solutions to your situation, using the knowledge and experience we have gained in building our client’s financial futures.

Objective Evaluation

Often getting unbiased feedback can help simplify and focus your attention. We’re committed to always providing good honest feedback, direction, and advice. Sometimes it’s not what our clients want to hear, but our method has proven itself time and time again in helping our clients to get ahead.

Whether you are living week to week or you’re buying your 4th investment property, we’ve got the tools that can help you better manage your money.

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